Trending for October: Opals, Get The Glow!

H3A3462 15 1200x900 - Trending for October: Opals, Get The Glow!

Lucky October birthday girls, your birthstone is the stunning natural opal. If we were you, we’d use that as the perfect excuse to never take off this glowy beaut of a gemstone.

Opals are thought to have been introduced to Europe from India. The name is derived from the Sanskrit word Upala meaning ‘precious stone’.

These ethereal beauties have been long-coveted for centuries. From the Greeks and Romans, to Queen Victoria (who’s rumoured to haven given opals as gifts to her squad) opals are enjoying a bit more time in the limelight today. From stunning exceptional opal and diamond creations by Chopard, to Cartier’s iconic (and top of the wishlist) Amulette de Cartier pink opal rings, opals are definitely here to stay.

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